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Monthly pass subscriptions increase customer satisfaction and keep you relevant. The market is changing, change with it! 

Happy Customers


Begin with the end user in mind.

This business is all about the customer experience! While no car wash is perfect, research shows that customers who frequent the same car wash at least twice a month are happier when they don't need to exit their car or mess with your entry portal system.​ The result is customer loyalty and increased customer satisfaction! 




Technology, when used properly, allows connection in ways that are otherwise impossible. The two technologies that are most prevalent in the market today are RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition). 


When we build a business, we build it with the customer in mind. The most consistent and proven technology in the market today is RFID which leads to the happiest customers. While many companies in Europe are testing out ALPR, the highest we are seeing is an accuracy of 90%. While this may be good enough for larger tunnel systems with employees on site, 1 in every 10 cars not working properly is not good enough for a single bay unmanned automatic.

Cloud-Based Reporting Management System


Cloud-Based Management Software

Coupling RFID Technology with cloud-based management software, we can help carwash owner-operators create their own monthly pass subscription models and allow their customers to use any wash in our network! Not only does this help stabilize your business in off-peak months, but it also increases customer satisfaction! Our cloud-based management software helps to centrally manage your car wash businesses and optimize sales!


Support Multi-Site Programs 
Whether you own one single bay automatic, or you are on your 10th location, our software allows you to easily generate single-use codes individually or in bulk, assign and activate gift or membership cards, and track use of multi-site accounts such as monthly-plan subscribers and fleet accounts.

Know and Respond in Real Time
Director provides a snapshot of active problems and a historical view of any issues, as well as allowing you to set up equipment-specific alerts to be sent to the right team member when status changes. 

Optimize Profit
Use data available from Director’s robust reporting to optimize your pricing, promotions, and wash packages with data such as each site’s peak times, popular washes, and sales and redemption of promotions.

One Pass to Rule Them All!

When you become a partner with the Old Rock Car Wash™, this also allows your customer base of monthly subscribers to use any car wash that is in our network. Our cloud-based management system also tracks each customer's usage so you can monitor who's using the pass and how many times it is being used.

Working with the Old Rock Car Wash has been one of the most engaging projects of my career. They are very professional and innovative. I would recommend them to any car wash owner!

Kenny Harrington, Project Manager